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About Jenn and Jeff

After looking back at our Spring Break trip, we noticed Jeff made a cameo in the pic. Try and find him. *Hint* Find Jenn first...

I guess this is where we’re supposed to enter information about us…so here goes….

We met in 2000 on a Spring Break trip to Rosarito, Mexico.  We went with separate groups of people on the same tour bus.  You would think after a 14 hour bus ride that we would have had many opportunities to meet each other but it wasn’t until we reached Mexico that we finally met.  From this point on, we were inseparable and are still going strong…

In 2003, we expanded our family and added our first furry child…Dusty!  Dusty was born in Elk Grove by her two furry parents and was raised amongst other furry children.  She was one of two pups that survived complications during pregnancy.  Apparently, Dusty’s mom had her liters too close together and ended up having a few still born puppies.  As you can see…Dusty is a survivor.  She’s been a wonderful addition to the family and we’re so lucky to have found the best dog ever!  She’s going to be a great older sister one of these days!

Dusty as a puppy

In April 2000, we finally got hitched.  Since then, we’ve been spending our days concentrating on home improvements, hanging out with friends and family, and traveling the world!  We are so lucky to have found each other…it’s been the best years of our lives!!!

Our wedding day, April 25th, 2006, on the Island Princess.