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Friends – 2015

On January 31, Jenn attended Abby's Baby Shower.

On March 8, we went to Capital Beerfest for the second year.

On March 14, Jenn went to Rene's baby shower.

On March 24, we met Dawson Cameron Huber, born on March 16.

On April 11, Jenn co-hosted a baby shower for Kristen.

On April 26, we witnessed James Santiago McAdam get baptized.

Brayden Allan Schnoebelen was born on May 24, 2015. We got to meet him when he was one week old!

On May 31, we went to Lazer Craze to celebrate Eli's 3rd birthday.

On June 12, we went with Jesstina to the 9th annual Raley Field Brewfest.

On June 16, we traveled by bus to San Jose to watch SRFC battle against San Jose in the US Lunar Pro Cup.

On June 19, Jenn got to meet Kiley Fall.

On June 20, we celebrated Ethan's 2nd birthday and got to meet Andi.

On June 27, Jenn went to Aimee's Bridal Shower with friends and family.

On June 27, Jenn went to Zocolo's and De Veres for Aimee's Bachelorette party.

We spent the Fourth of July with a parade in Dutch Flat and two BBQs with friends.

On July 11, we celebrated Milana's 6th birthday.

On July 12, we went on our annual trip to the State Fair with Mello Love!

On July 17, we witnessed Aimee and Danny exchange vows.

On August 1, Jenn went to Monica's Shower for baby Isaac.

On September 17, we went to the Sac Burger Battle with Tsan and Susie.

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